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Navigator Deluxe Vacuum Cleaner

Made with an extra-long wand and hose is this Navigator Deluxe Vacuum Cleaner. It can go up to 10 ft. for a versatile above-floor cleaning. This vacuum is equipped with Never Lose Suction technology and a large-capacity dust cup for extended cleaning without interruption. There is also a brush roll shutoff for deep carpet and gentle bare floor cleaning. This vacuum is powerful yet lightweight and upright and easy to move around obstacles.

  • Powerful and lightweight; portable and versatile at only 15 lbs.
  • Never loses suction; powerful cleaning from start to finish
  • Large-capacity, easy-to-empty dust cup; extended cleaning without interruption
  • Brush roll shutoff; deep carpet and gentle bare floor cleaning
  • Premium pet power brush; picks up pet hair and debris and deep cleans dander from all surfaces
  • Powerful Carpet and Bare Floor Cleaning
  • Lightweight for effortless portability
  • XL Capacity Dust Cup

This upright vacuum has powerful suction; at times too powerful for the job which is why there is a built in suction release feature.The Base does not adjust up and down for bare floor or different carpet thickness. Therefore, on thick carpeting or rugs you must release some of the suction to move the vacuum and you loose power, (I prefer a base height adjustment). The long hose and large dust container are nice but they add to the bulk of this “light weight” machine which, along with the non-swivel base, make it difficult to maneuver in small areas and around corners. This would be a much better machine if the base adjusted to height and swiveled.

Both my wife and I heartily recommend this Navigator Deluxe vacuum cleaner. As you can see in my pictures even the dogs are OK with it. We got it at a good time because it is shedding time for my big Golden. This vacuum has so many good qualities I do not want to leave anything out; easy to push with big wheels, easy selector switch for hard or carpet surface, suction reducer of easier push on carpet (and it still has more with this open than many vacuums on full power) safe low hose connection point to prevent tipover when using hand tools, quiet in relation to it’s great power, easy to clean tank and filters. This machine outperforms others we have had costing twice as much. The living room rug looked better than it had in a long time because this Shark vacuum picked up everything. Just plain, overall, really pleased with a well made product!!

This is a lightweight vacuum of which we have two Navigators. We used it throughout the house and have really thick carpet, not tall but thick. The suction kept stopping the roller, but I found the relief on the hose, pays to read the instructions. Once I released some of the suction, the roller worked fine. This vacuum has a lot of suction. Really happy with that. The does not swivel like the more premium Navigator we also have, but in a way it makes it easier to use. Also a plus. I’m really happy with the length of these hose and the attached tools. If you unhook the hose from the bottom bracket so you have a longer length, then it will tip over, just hold the handle while using. The hose winding is kind of short, and low to the bottom of the machine. wish it was higher, which would make it easier to wind up the cord. We’ll use it upstairs where there is not as much traffic. Will be a good second vacuum.

I just received this Shark Navigator Deluxe Vacuum Cleaner today. It is very easy to put together. I used it right away. This vac is much quieter than other vac’s I have owned. It is heavier compared to my 4 gal shop vac I have been using for several years which is lighter for me to use seeings how I have a bad neck, back and shoulder so I only did half of the house today. The canister is full to the top (a dog and 5 cats). I do wish it had rotation, it’s hard to turn. The carpet does looks much cleaner after using compared to the shop vac. I’d say this works better on carpet than on floor, but it does still get the job done in the kitchen, dining room, bathroom and laundry room. On the carpet the roller does stop and star back up off & on. It does not pick up on the edges, need to turn it and go straight on. The canister is easy to open and release the debris into the trash can. Needed to open both ends to empty out the top. I do have allot of hair & stuff in the roller and it did not come with a tool to get it out. Tried to research this model NV41, but not on their web site or any where else except HD so it must be an older model. Over all a nice vacuum.



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