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Pet Perfect II Cordless Handheld Vacuum

A powerful, lightweight cordless handheld vacuum for carpet, upholstery, bare floor cleaning and more. Includes a rechargeable 18-Volt battery and a rubberized hand grip for comfortable handling. Use the Motorized Pet Brush to pick up embedded pet hair and then store the vacuum on the convenient wall mount.

  • Powerful cordless vacuum, convenient for any surface
  • Twister cyclonic technology, consistent strong suction while cleaning
  • Rechargeable 18-Volt battery
  • XL motorized pet brush, picks up pet hair from all surfaces
  • Easy-to-empty dust cup, no bag needed
  • Includes: XL motorized brush, crevice tool, dusting brush, charging stand
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It was much better than I expected! Although I don’t have pets, it picks up hair very well from floors and furnishings. It’s great on stairs since it’s lightweight and covers enough space to make vacuuming pretty quick and easy. I even used it on windowsills

Easy to use, good battery life. Clean the filter regularly to maintain good suction. After hanging it against the side of the trash can, I use tape to pull off the tiny particles. Do it outside, so you don’t breathe that stuff in. The large size of the front can be an impediment to coaching l cleaning in narrow channels. I got creative with a paper towel roll cardboard center and some duct tape, and now no dust bunny is safe from me. The spinner brush tool works great to pull my dogs hair out my bed and other furniture.

Worked for nearly 2 months now after 30 seconds it shuts off… Very annoying… I called Shark and they wouldn’t help me at all.. Ridiculous!!!! Said I needed to buy a new battery! Customer service at Shark Ninja is deplorable!

Works extremely well. It might not be the STRONGEST vacuum in the world … but it CERTAINLY does the job. So happy with it that I bought one for our daughter as she has the SAME big floor vacuum as we do (also bought that for her) but needed something EASIER to use on the stairs! Also … NICE for the cars!! PS> The attached picture shows the NICE mounting bracket … I’ve mounted this in the garage for easy charging and access for car and house. ALSO note that the Green charge light goes OUT when it’s fully charged. Didn’t realize when I first thought … this charge doesn’t last long. NOW it’s charge lasts for stairs and other hard to access areas!!

This vacuum worked great for about 5 months, when the suction strength declined. The instructions say that the filter cup inside the unit needs to be replaced every few months, so we tried to buy replacements from Crucial Vacuum online. They make a product for SV728N and SV736 Shark vacuums that is said to work for this model (SV780_N). However, these filters do NOT fit, and Crucial Vacuum does not have a recommended alternative. This means that the effective lifetime of this vacuum for difficult-to-clean surfaces is, at most, the lifetime of the initial filter cup.



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