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PetHair Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Meet the robotic vacuum cleaner that’s friendly with pets but tough on grime. bObsweep PetHair finds crumbs and scraps scattered about your house and sweeps them into a jumbosized 1100 mL dustbin. His TurboLift vacuum and extra-long main brush pull out fur and dirt by digging deep into carpets, while dual-layer filtration traps tiny particles. When his battery dips to below 15%, he automatically returns to his charging station for a boost. No matter what kind of mess your house is in, Bob is always ready to spring into action.

  • Specially designed to clean up pet hair and fur by sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, filtrating, and shining UV-C light simultaneously
  • Obstacle sensors keep him from damaging furniture or falling down stairs, and dirt sensors alert him to spots that need more attention
  • 1100 mL dustbin is perfect for storing plenty of dirt, hair, and dander from your pets
  • Easy-to-use display screen lets you customize a cleaning schedule for up to 7 days of the week
  • Dual-layer filtration removes tiny particles
  • Remote lets you manually pilot him to specific areas of your house
  • TurboLift vacuum and extra-long main brush allow him to cover more surface area with better efficiency
  • Automatically returns to his charging station when battery drops below 15%
  • Mop wipes away paw prints and polishes floors
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  • Sweeps, vacuums, mops, shines UV-C light, and filtrates
  • Features a giant 1100 mL dustbin
  • Programmable to automatically clean 7 days per week

I ordered Bob a year and a half ago due to a recommendation from a friend. I wanted a robot vacuum for home use to help clean up some extra cat hair between regular cleanings. Bob worked great and did the job! I started to have some problems with Bob recently and reached out to customer service. They have been AMAZING! I was able to send Bob in for maintenance and they replaced many parts, cleaned him up, and sent him back with spare parts as well- I only paid shipping! When I originally got Bob there were extra parts to use on top of everything he already needed. Now Bob is back to working great. He is a little loud, but it is a motorized product so that is to be expected. Between Bob’s performance and the customer service, this is an excellent product and company. I would recommend on the customer service alone, but the product really is great.

4We have had our Bobsweep for almost 2 years now and are very happy with it. It has a much larger dustbin than most robot vacuums and cleans well. Like other products it does have a hard time making it back to its charging station sometimes and it is a bit tall to fit under some furniture and cabinets. However, If you ever have any issues the Bob Sweep company has excellent customer service!

I bought my bobsweep used, at first I couldn’t get him to work, I kept getting an 08 error code. I looked up the code and it was the dustbin, I got on the website and ordered a new one, and talked with a rep. He was very knowledgeable about the product and ensured me that my purchase would fix the problem. I received my new bin quickly and popped it in… It works like a dream, I’m so pleased with the performance and this thing goes forever. I let him go the whole time just to see how long he would go and it was over 3 hours. Overall I would highly recommend this product to anyone in the market for a robot vacuum.



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